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Tunisia: government decree on self-generated energy projects issued

A government decree laying down the measures authorizing the creation of self-generated energy projects and the conditions for transporting electricity and selling surplus energy to the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) was issued by the Prime Ministry to develop the system of self-generation of electricity from renewable energy sources.

The decree comes after the revision of Article 9 of the Law No. 12 of 2015 dated May 11, 2015, on the production of electricity from renewable energies and is part of the efforts to

give an impetus to investment in renewable energy, improve the competitiveness of various economic actors and achieve sustainable development, said the Prime Ministry.

These measures aim at doubling the investments made by companies active in the installation of power plants based on renewable energies and at enabling energy-intensive companies to guarantee part of their needs in this field at low and stable costs.

This would enable them to improve their competitiveness, in addition to strengthening investor confidence and creating job opportunities, in particular for higher education graduates.


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