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Tunisia: IMF delegation to embark on mission from October 8 to 12

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation is expected in Tunis on October 8, 2019 for a 4-day mission as part of the follow-up of the economic reform program, said Minister for Major Reforms Taoufik Rajhi.

The visit by the IMF experts is part of the Sixth Review of the agreement between Tunisia and this international financial institution for a loan program of about $2.8 billion.

“We need to complete this sixth review, which requires the finalization of the finance bill for the fiscal year 2020 and its submission to the House of the People’s Representatives (HPR) by October 15, 2019,” Rajhi said.

He also pointed out that “the sixth review could contain commitments signed by the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) on the choices and reforms to be undertaken”.

According to him, “this sixth review is necessary to ensure the financing of the 2020 budget”.

Rajhi recalled that Tunisia has finalized 5 reviews with the IMF under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) concluded in May 2016, stating that “the sixth review, once approved, should release a sixth tranche of credit in the amount of $450 million”.

The EFF agreement provides for several tranches, over a period of 4 years, until April 2020.

Tunisia has so far received 5 tranches for a total amount of $1.8 billion, out of a total of $2.8 billion.


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