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Tunisia, one of the cheapest holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers

Holidaymakers looking for a bargain this winter should head to North Africa while those with more cash to splash should stick to the South of France and Sicily, according to figures published Friday by British site “This is Money.”

Comparing the cost of a handful of goods and services available in destinations across Europe and further afield, Tunisia comes out as one of the cheapest holiday destinations around at just £18.43 for all the listed items.

A meal for two comes out at £10.32, while a glass of Coca Cola is just 39p. One 30-minute taxi ride only costs £1.72. In comparison, Transport for London estimates that the average cost of a 16 to 30 minute taxi ride in London will cost anything from £15 to £22.

The items compared include: a pint of milk, one cup of coffee, a bottle of imported beer, a three course meal for two, a 30 minute taxi ride, a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola and a small glass of wine.

With longer flight times, Egypt and neighboring Morocco also offer good value for money, with the full basket of goods costing £22.78 and £26.32 respectively. The cost of Coca Cola is significantly cheaper than in other destinations, costing no more than 66p.

Simon Phillips, of No.1 Currency, said: ‘Holidaymakers heading to the eurozone will really enjoy the benefits of a stronger pound. Exchange £300 for spending money this year and you’ll get €377, compared to €355 last year.

‘Not only is Tunisia the cheapest destination in our survey for a basket of goods, but the weakening Dinar means you will get nine per cent more money in your pocket this October than in 2013, which as our research shows, could buy you a few extra romantic meals while you’re away’.


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