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Tunisia: Post seals partnerships with 3 technological operators

The Tunisian Post recently signed three partnership agreements with 3 national technological operators to propose a new digital payment channel via Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions.

These three partnership agreements were signed at official ceremonies held at the head office of the Tunisian Post and chaired by Moez Chakchouk, CEO of the Tunisian Post, and Mr. Khatib Chakchouk, PayPos Tunisia DG, Mr. Ksontini Zouhaier, DG of RunPay Tunisia and Mr. Majdi Chaabouni, DG of CallPay Tunisia.

The Tunisian Post and its partners CallPay-Tunisia PayPos-Tunisia are committed to ICTs and commit to further deploying their mutual efforts to continue innovating in order to invent new channels of digital payment through payment solutions POS.

These POS payment solutions, which combine simplicity and flexibility, are a new secure channel for future digital financial transactions.

It allows unlimited 24/7 access through self-service kiosks or through the new generation of payment terminals that will be installed at various merchants (tobacco, shops, grocers …).

These strategic partnerships, which mark a further step towards digital transformation, will be realized by the launch of new payment services co-branded “Mobipay”, “RunPost” and “PayPost” respectively with CallPay-Tunisia, RunPay-Tunisia and PayPos- Tunisia.

These new and unparalleled services will enable citizens holding e-dinar cards to benefit from several digital services using different technologies (cashless and cardless), namely recharging e-Dinar cards, payment of invoices, payment of purchases from merchants by transferring an e-Dinar account to another e-Dinar account and the reimbursement of micro-credits as well as other innovative services.

The Tunisian Post also aims to diversify its offerings to better meet the expectations of citizens while investing in new segments to facilitate digital inclusion and to support companies operating in the technological field for the creation of a digital ecosystem that aims to offer useful services on a daily basis.


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