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Tunisia: revenues from fruit exports rise more than 24% in

Fruit exports saw their value figures in the current season (January 2- September 17) jump 24. 3%, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Thursday said.

Export quantities till September 17 surged 39.4%, reaching 35, 497 tons against 25,459 tons during the same period in the previous season with their value standing at 80.97 MD against 65.17 MD.

Libya is the top importer of summer fruits with 22,777 tons up to September 17 in comparison with 16, 323 tons in the previous season (+ 40%) at an overall value of 40.8 MD against 23.2 MD (+75.5%).

Melons are the most exported fruits to Libya (7,733 tons) followed by apricots (2,952 tons).

Italy is the second importer with quantities and value growing 114% (6,000 tons) and 63.2% (7.6 MD), respectively.


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