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Tunisia: SFBT reports profit of 177 MD in 2018

SFBT has just published its individual and consolidated financial statements for the 2018 financial year.

The company accounts show a business figure of 650 million dinars, up 13.8%.

In addition, operating expenses increased at a slower pace of 12.2% to 523.7 million dinars.

As a result, the operating result posted an improvement of 18.5% to 132.6 million dinars.

With investment products of 69.4 million dinars, i.e. an increase of 5 million dinars compared to the previous year and a rise in the tax burden (corporate tax + social solidarity contribution), the SFBT has a net profit of 121.9 million dinars against 111.2 million dinars in 2017, i.e. a growth of 9.6%.

At the level of the consolidated financial statements, the SFBT group crossed the threshold of 1 billion dinars of business turnover to 1.13 billion dinars, recording a growth of 13.5%.

The increase in the group’s business income was driven primarily by the revenues of the parent company and the SOSTEM mineral water company.

Operating expenses rose by 15.4% to 918 million dinars, driven by higher purchases of consumed supplies, which increased by 21.6%, particularly those of SOSTEM by 55%.

Indeed, the operating income is up by 6% to 224.5 million dinars, from 209.6 million in 2017.

The group incurred a corporate tax charge of 40 million dinars, compared with 30 million the previous year.


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