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Tunisia: tourism revenues decline by 15%

Cumulative tourism receipts have declined by 15%, until April 20, compared to the same period last year.

These reached 976.5 million dinars, according to the latest monetary and financial indicators published by the Central Bank of Tunisia.

Tourism is one of the main sectors affected by the coronavirus pandemic not only in Tunisia but all over the world.

The closure of borders and suspension of flights in most countries of the world have directly affected countries, in which tourism has a strategic economic position.

The BCT also reported a slight drop in cumulative labor income (in cash) by 5% to 1.254 billion dinars, compared to 1.319 billion dinars at the same date last year (April 20, 2019).

As for debt servicing, it fell significantly by 19% to 2.6 billion dinars.

Net foreign exchange reserves amounted to 21.5 billion dinars as of 27 April 2020, equivalent to 126 days of imports, compared to 13.2 billion dinars (77 days of imports) a year earlier.


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