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Tunisia : TPR beneficiary and announces subsidiary opening in the Maghreb.

The TPR « Tunisia Aluminium Shaped parts » presented recently a financial communication. A communication from the enterprise showed indicators going in crescendo with a growth of 24% in the enterprise exploitation net result, 21% of the exploitation result and 18% of the export turnover. The exploitation products of the enterprise increased by 13%, the local turnover grew by 11%. The financial communication of RPR management was also the opportunity to inform the stock market brokers relating to the new projects of the group outside Tunisia and mainly the establishment in Algeria and in Libya which are the major elements. 

Rising indicators, against decreasing financial overheads !

The Turnover of the TPR increased from 33,417 MDT to 37,867 MDT, between September 1st 2007 and September 1st 2008, registering a 13% growth and providing the value of 4,450 MDT. This is thanks to the local turnover which increased, during this period from 22,7 MDT to 25,3 MDT, and the export turnover which provided gains of 1.8 MDT rising from 10,6 MDT to 12.5 MDT.   The same rate of 13% was also registered, over the same period, by the exploitation products which increased from 33,5 MDT to 37,9 MDT and providing profits of about 4,5 MDT.  But the highest growth concerns production. It is of 18%, and provided 5,9 MDT of profits, rising from 32,8 to  38,7 MDT. The added value, with a growth of 24%, increased from 8,7 to 10,7 MDT. On the other hand, the net financial overheads of the enterprise were among the few negative variations of the TPR, it decreased by about -63%, from 932,348 thousand dinars to 345,7 thousand DT.  The Turnover of the TPR registered during the first semester 2008 amounts to 25 309 300 DT compared to 22 731 700 DT during the first semester 2007. Growth on the local market amounts to (+11%) driven by a strong commercial dynamism. The variation of realisation in tons between the first semester 2007 and the first semester 2008 is of +13%. The reasons for this rise are, as explained by the enterprise management, the positioning of TPR which continues to satisfy over 80% of the local market , despite the establishment of two other production units.

Financial and marerial investments and debts!

Up to September 1st 2008, TPR realised material and immaterial investments, financed by proper funds, with an amount of 6 660 085 DT, this investment increased by 239 %, as it was 1,96  MDT, to September 30th 2008. The amount related to material and immaterial investments was settled up to 6 631 312 DT during the third semester 2008. The financial investments in compliance with the development plan announced when it was introduced in the Stock Exchange and relating to the establishment of a production subsidiary in Algeria, TPR transferred the amount of 1 828 938 Dinars representing the liberation of a ¼ of the company capital «Profal Maghreb». The capital of «Profal Maghreb» is held up to 99.7% by TPR.  Concerning the debt, there is only management credit and it is decreasing by 15%, from 8,6 MDT to September 30th 2008 to 7,3 MDT at the same date of 2008. 

Algerian and Libyan subsidiaries !

The financial communication of TPR was the opportunity to be informed about its Algerian subsidiary, in which it holds 99,7% of the shares, the « Profilés  Aluminium du Maghreb ». This subsidiary, with an investment of 25 MDT, was financed up to 50% by proper funds of TPR and the remainder in foreign credits. What we should retain from the information relating to this enterprise situated at « Ail Defla », is that the first quarter of the capital was liberated, which was followed by the land acquisition and establishment formalities (20000 m²). The start of works is planned for next December, while the delivery of the ordered equipment is for the 2nd quarter of 2009. The second subsidiary of the group will be at « Ettajoura » in Libya. The « Aluminium Libyan Company » will be, in contrast created with Libyan partners who will share the shares with the « Bayahis » with 50% each. Its head office will be managed by four, 2 Tunisians and 2 libyans. This subsidiary will have a social capital of 14 Million Libyan dinars, and an investment of 28 MDT. Even though it is just staring (with the signature of the constitution contracts, choice of the implementation place), the start of production of ALCO, is also planned for the 4th quarter 2009.


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