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Tunisia: Tunisair expects to end the year with 19% increase

National airline Tunisair plans to increase the number of passengers across its network to 3.787 million this year, or 2.4% compared to 2010 (3.699 million passengers) and 19% compared to 2011 (3, 184.000 passengers).

The national carrier said in a statement it had provided transportation of 2,584,551 passengers during the first 8 months of 2012, up 26% compared to 2011 (2,044.086 passengers ) and 3.1% compared to 2010 (2,506.474 passengers).

According to figures of the company, extra flights reached 210, 95% of which to France.

Tunisair has scheduled an average of 160 flights per day and handled 17,600 passenger flights daily.

The company, which normally operates an average of 100 flights per day to transport 10,000 passengers, reached on September 2, 2012 a record number, i.e. 210 flights and 22,300 passengers. Tunisair said in its statement that it will continue to make every effort to fill gaps and improve the quality of its services.


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