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Tunisia: unemployment rate reaches 15.5% in Q4 2017

The unemployment rate in Tunisia has increased slightly by 0.2 point in the last quarter of 2017 to reach 15.5% of the active population, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced.

The number of unemployed estimated for the fourth quarter of the year thus stood at 639 thousand of the total workforce, against 628,600 unemployed for the third quarter.

The unemployment rate is estimated at 12.5% ​​for men and 22.9% for women.

Unemployment rate of higher education graduates

According to figures from the INS, the number of unemployed higher education graduates is estimated at 264,100 people in the fourth quarter of 2017 against 270,600 in the third quarter of the same year, down 6 thousand people. The unemployment rate thus dropped from 30.6% to 29.9%.

Breakdown of occupations by business line

The distribution of occupations by sector is as follows: 51.9% in the services sector, 18.5% in the manufacturing sector, 15.1% in the non-manufacturing industries, 14% in the manufacturing sector and 5% in the agriculture and fishing sector.

Evolution of active population

In the fourth quarter 2017, the active population in Tunisia stood at 4.119 million against 4.1 million in the third quarter of the same year, i.e. an increase of about 18 thousand people.

This population is divided into 2.934 million men and 1.185 million women, which represent respectively 71.2% and 28.8% of the active population.


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