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Tunisia: US Foundation to help graduates find jobs

Vice President of the American Foundation Education for Employment (EFE), Taleb Sahlab, announced, Tuesday on Radio Express FM, that Tunisia will be the sixth Arab country (after Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, and Yemen) to host an organization affiliated with EFE, non-profit NGO based in Washington whose mission is to organize training sessions of two weeks to two months to help young graduates improve their chances of finding a job and keep it.

He added that the EFE-Tunisia, which will be operational shortly, will be chaired by Said Aïdi, former Minister of Training and will be funded by the U.S. government and multinational companies (Microsoft …). “It will target initially some 800 young people including 300 job applicants and 500 students preparing for employment,” he-said.

He said EFE-Tunisia will be autonomous and will have to recruit Tunisians to form its board of directors and staff and look for companies that want to hire young people with good training.

He noted that the first programs will focus on success in the workplace and on entrepreneurship. The goal is to empower young people looking for work.


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