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Tunisia: vocational training from different perspectives

The national exhibition of vocational training, which was held recently, is meant to be a big event where various operators in the sector, young jobseekers, business representatives of friendly countries and other employment support mechanisms and departments come together to exchange dialogue and share experiences.

Africanmanager seized the opportunity to contact some participants and gauge their expectations in terms of opportunities, especially for Tunisian youth.

Fathi Barnat, Project Manager for Fair Development in France, could you tell us about

your participation in this third edition of the national vocational training exhibition?

 We participated for the second time in order to present the project implemented as part of partnership between the two ministries in charges of vocational training in Tunisia and France. This edition helped present partnership projects between sectoral centers in Tunisia and the training campus in France. Note that five centers were selected and draft agreements were signed, including one on a center of training in construction, which was signed with the campus of Ile de France.

We are interested in certification and our project targets double certifications. We work so that young people can benefit from a certification of a diploma recognized in Europe.

The representative of Anniesland College (Great Britain)

Which sectors are more interesting for you?

The purpose of our presence is to conclude a partnership with the service center of Gammarth, since this school specializes in services and construction. Our strength is our training to give young people the chance to enter university in case of failure in the vocational training session. Worth mentioning is that this is the first participation in this kind of exhibitions.

Mohamed Loutia, Director of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources, Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training in Morocco

What common merit Tunisia and Morocco can claim in vocational training?

The exhibition is an opportunity to highlight the training system in Morocco. Moreover, such meetings also provide an ideal opportunity to learn about advances achieved by the vocational training system in Maghreb countries. In this regard, we have a close relationship between the two countries in training. There is also a common experience in the competence approach. Tunisia and Morocco are the first African countries to have adopted a system of training in the engineering sector.

Strong presence of banks

BFPME expects from its participation in this meeting?

Basma Ghozzi (Assistance and Development Identification Management at BFPME): the bank has always taken part in all exhibitions as a means of contact with young people. Our mission is to draw their attention to our funding and products, as the bank was created by a presidential decision that has integrated employability and job creation in the system. The idea is to help young people be job creators rather than job seekers through the promotion of private initiative. This can only be achieved through the facilitation of funding arrangements for all activities. Thus, the BFPME has funded 1,000 projects so far, two thirds of which dedicated to the creation of projects by young entrepreneurs. Approximately 20,000 jobs have been created or are being created. It should be noted that 60% of projects are specialized in industry.

The presence of banks in such events can help further improve the quality of training and entrench the culture of entrepreneurship among young people.

BTS helped create 200 thousand jobs

Guella Mohamed, manager at BTS: our bank is a strategic partner of the exhibition. Its contribution is outstanding in all employment fairs. The aim is to stimulate young job seekers to let them know about specialties of training and opportunities they offer to graduates in view of their integration the job market.

In fact, the Tunisian Solidarity Bank BTS has created 200,000 job opportunities in various sectors including the services sector (43%) and small trades (37%), agriculture (14%) and craft (5%). BTS has funded up to 125 thousand projects with total investments of about 1,000 MTD and the recovery rate is about 67.1%.


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