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Tunisian researchers invent respiratory assistance system for transporting COVID-19 patient

Riadh Chaker, a doctor and microcomputer entrepreneur in France and Djerba, and Malek Meftah, owner of an industrial company, have invented a medical protection device, the first of its kind in Tunisia.

It is a protective device designed for the transport of people suffering from Covid-19, equipped with a ventilation system providing respiratory assistance to the patient for a period of between one and six hours, explains Dr Chaker.

These two young entrepreneurs will present, on Monday, this new device which represents insulating support dedicated to the transport of patients with Coronavirus to the doctors of the regional hospital Sadok Mokadem, in Djerba.

They will present their experience and examine possible proposals for modifications that could be made by other doctors.

Correspondence will then be sent to the Ministry of Health to obtain authorisation for the industrialisation of the product.

Thanks to this device, the patient is placed inside a closed bag, equipped with a ventilation system with membranes that purify the air. This will prevent any air pollution during entry or exit, thanks to a battery-powered ventilator.

This new invention is also washable, which makes it reusable.

The idea was born out of the hospitals’ need for a tool to prevent contamination by this virus, particularly to protect medical and paramedical staff.


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