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AfDB grants Chad US$47.34m to build roads

The Chadian Minister of Economy and Planning, Younous M atar Bremé, and the representative of the AfDB in Chad, Pascal Didier Bitoumbou, have signed a loan agreement worth US$47.34m (about CFA F 23b) for building the r oad from Koumra to Sarh in the southern part of the country, PANA reported.

“The project is aimed at opening up the country and reducing transportation cost s in a bid to improve the effectiveness of the logistic chain, access and moveme n ts of rural populations in the southern part of the country (Mandoul and Moyen-C h ari),” the representative of the bank said.

According to him, the funds will be used for building and asphalting of 110km of roads and related infrastructure, among others.

The Minister of Economy and Planning said the road from Koumra to Sarh covers fo ur districts located in the regions of Mandoul and Moyen-Char.

The road will also make it possible to link Chad’s capital city of N’Djamena to Sarh and open up the southern part of the country, including the oil-rich region

of Doba in the south-east of Chad, considered as the bread basket of the country .

“The construction of the road will facilitate the transport of agricultural surp lus to the other regions of the country, including N’Djamena, and will encourage

people living in the project area to produce more, thus contributing to improvin g the country’s national food security,” the Minister said.


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