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Air traffic disruption pushes down Malian revenues

Revenues from Malian airports recorded a huge drop, follow ing the disruption of the European air traffic, although the actual losses have n ot been ascertained, Ms. Tene Sanogo Issabré, National Director of the Civil Av i ation, said.

“Since this disruption started in Europe, not a single plane from France has lan ded at the airport in Bamako-Senou,” Issabre told the private daily, The Indepen d ent.

Four major companies from France – Air France, Air France Gargo, Aigle Azur and charter flights – serve the country and enable Malian airports to make substanti a l revenue through royalties per passenger.

For each flight to Bamako-Senou or another airport in Mali, the airline is requi red to pay a fee of F CFA 150,000 per passenger, a purity royalty of CFA F 6,00 0 per passenger and a fee of aeronautical infrastructure to the tune of CFA franc s 27,000 per passenger.


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