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Arab countries, Turkey to promote industrial investments

The 2nd Conference of the Turkish-Arab industrial cooperation has called for the intensification of industrial cooperation, expansion of trade and promotion of investments between Arab countries and Turkey.

The recommendations of the conference, adopted on Monday night in Benghazi, urged both Arab and Turkish parties to develop an industrial strategy that includes joint plans, programmes and workshops to support Arab and Turkish investors and give them support and incentives to enable them contribute to the development of existing industries and create new ones.

The resolutions also called for the advancement of Arab-Turkish scientific cooperation through the establishment of institutes of quality training in Arab countries, with the backing of Turkish expertise.

Participants at the meeting welcomed the initiative of the Arab Organization for Industrial Development to rehabilitate the industrial sector in Libya, and the declaration of the Libyan Ministry of Industry on opportunities given to local, Arab and foreign investors to establish and manage industrial zones in Libya.

Initiated by the Libyan Ministry of Industry in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry and the Arab Organization for Industrial and Mining Development the two-day conference aimed at broadening Arab-Turkish industrial cooperation.

The theme of the conference was “Partnership for Industrial Development”,


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