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Botswana fast food giant, KFC, signs new deals with suppliers

Fast food giant, KFC, will sign new supply contracts with suppliers and distribution centres in Botswana following a six months audit exercise.

The six months assessment is to check supplying premises for food safety, pest control, ability to receive and store products, distribution of products, temperature control, staff training, equipment used, documentation and record keeping for all KFC products, security and testing of products.

“KFC restaurants did not sell vegetables from its outlets, as the suppliers had to first comply with the KFC audit process and adhere to world class standards,” KFC Marketing Manager, Annamarie Theron, told PANA on Tuesday.

Though the fast food outlet has remained cagey on companies that it has inked deals with, indications are that a broad spectrum of suppliers have qualified which include chicken supplier, vegetable supplier, maize supplier, two distribution centres and beverage suppliers.

“Some suppliers have not completed the audit but are well on track,” said Theron.

According to KFC, during the audit period, suppliers of fresh produce made a substantial investment into their facilities to meet the standards.

In addition, the company said farms where the fresh produce is sourced had to pass the audit and investment test to become world class.

“This is not the end of the road as the supply chain will continue to improve on their standards and adopt the latest technology and standards as we continue on the path of continuous improvement,” said Theron.

KFC added that approximately 80% of the company’s budget will be spent on local suppliers, cutting down on imports from South Africa.

The development is part of the company’s five-year blueprint which is expected to swell the footprint of KFC across the country at a cost of about 30 million pula (US$ 1 = 8 Botswana pula).

KFC, established in 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders, now has a chain of 15,000 stores in 105 countries.

In Botswana, KFC started with one shop over 20 years ago but currently the fast food outlet has nine outlets dotted across the country with a work force of 256 employees


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