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Cameroon: Prices of fuel rise in Cameroon

The Cameroon government on Monday announced an increase in the prices of fuel, saying the action had become necessary because of the increasing price of crude oil and suffocating subsidies.

The secretary general of the services of Cameroonian Prime minister, Louis Paul Motazé, in a statement said the price for 12.5 kg of domestic gas goes up to 6,500 CFAF from 6,000 CFAF.

One litre of super petrol rises from 569 CFAF to 650 CFAF and the litre of diesel is up from 520 to 600 CFAF, according to the statement.

The Cameroonian government said the decision was based on the realities in the international market marked over the past few weeks by continuous rise in the price for crude oil, as well as the reduction of the subsidy to help finance projects.

It said the cost of the subsidy had gone up to 1,200 billion CFAF and cost the country 157 billion CFAF only for the past six months.

It said the price of kerosene would, however, remain at 350 CFAF a litre.

The last rise in fuel prices dates back to 2008 when it resulted in huge social tensions following the rise in primary basic foodstuffs.


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