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Tunisia: twinning project to support transport sector launched

A twinning project between Tunisia, France and Germany to boost institutional and regulatory capacities of Tunisian administration and institutions in the transport sector was launched during a seminar held by the Transport Ministry Wednesday in Tunis.

Financed by the European Union (EU), this two-year project will mobilize 10 million Euros. It aims to support the efforts of the Tunisian administration and institutions, by means of exchange of experiences and expertise.

The twinning program revolves around five main axes, particularly boosting governance in the transport sector, monitoring legal, regulatory and organizational aspects, improving the capacity of steering cooperation projects and technical and economic studies.

The 35 experts to be mobilized along this period –some 600 days of expertise– will carry out diversified actions, from technical assistance to training, conduct studies and provide adequate equipment.

Opening the works of this meeting, Transport Minister Abdelkarim Harouni said that the country’s present priorities consist in defining urgent action to help improve performance of the sector, determine actions to be taken in the mid-term and reforms to be introduced on the long range.

This twinning program is part of the support program to the Association Agreement and the Neighborliness Plan (P3A), launched in 2004.

The P3A which touches several sectors during these three successive stages (P3A I, P3A II, and P3A T) aims essentially to boost partnership between Tunisia and the EU, while contributing to the success of the democratic transition.


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