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Cape Verde moves to check high rice prices

The General Inspectorate for Economic Activities (IGA E) in Cape Verde has announced measures to check artificial rice shortage and higher prices for the commodity, which is a staple food in the country.

IGAE said in a statement that it would undertakes a ”wide control operation” t o detect those behind the hoarding of the commodity, which is against the country’s laws.

The Inspectorate, saddled with price and quality control of food products in Cap e Verde, also said it would closely monitor any commercial activity that is contrary to the law, warning that “heavy sanctions” awaited cr ooked traders found to be speculating on the price of rice, whose national stock is enough to cover local demand.

Such sanctions include the seizure of products and the trial by the office of th e public prosecutor.

Meanwhile, the National Agency for Food Security (ANSA) has reassured the popula tion that there is no impending shortage of rice in the country, adding that the currently available stock can meet the demand until mid-September.

ANSA also indicates that the supply of other foodstuffs, such as maize, wheat an d flour, is guaranteed until July (for wheat flour) and October (for maize) at t h e current prices.


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