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E-trade to boost exports

“Modernisation of Trade and E-Trade to Serve Exports,” was the theme of a seminar held on Tuesday in Tunis by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Tunis, in association with the local Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts of Tunis. The meeting aimed at evaluating the progress of the trade sector’s upgrading.

Opening the seminar, Minister of Trade and Handicrafts Ridha Touiti pointed out, with regard to domestic trade indicators, that despite the current economic situation which he described as “difficult” the Tunisian economy has scored encouraging results, among which he mentioned keeping inflation under control, i.e. at a rate of 5% in 2008.

He also underlined that Tunisia managed, since the beginning of 2009, to circumscribe inflation rate at 3.5%.
This trend, he added, should go on till next April. He went on saying that trade went up at an average of 5% in the last years and underlined that reforms will continue in this sector while placing emphasis on services, notably distribution which plays a dynamic role in the creation of wealth, promotion of employment and increase of exports.

He pointed out that distribution provides 10% of the GDP and represents a high employability sector. He reviewed trade reforms, notably those providing for the improvement of the sector’s output, upgrading of agricultural and fishing produce marketing channels and modernisation of small trade.
With regard to electronic trade, he reminded that this activity is ruled by a legislation and highlighted the role of this kind of commerce in boosting transactions and increasing them on robust and sound foundations.

He pointed out that in order to encourage companies to adhere to the new economy and deeproot the digital culture, the national programme on encouraging e-trade will mainly rely on the development of e-exchanges on the domestic market, in addition to the creation of trade sites and generalise them in hyper markets.

On the agenda of this seminar, are papers on the presentation of the programme on the modernisation of trade in general and e-trade in particular, in addition to the presentation of expertise of some Tunisian companies in the e- trade area.


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