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Ethiopia: Advanced analytics in telecoms to catalyse demand for big data in 2014

Regional cloud providers as well as enterprise-focused telecommunication companies are well positioned for the increased demand for advanced analytics and Big Data in 2014, according to a new report from Pyramid Research that offers the firm’s top 14 predictions for the year.

The report, Pyramid Research Predictions 2014: Global and Regional Trends in the Information, Communications and Technology Industry, provides key insights into top market trends, written by Pyramid’s worldwide team of research analysts and consultants.

“Each prediction is supported by fact-based analysis and has been arrived at through extensive discussions among our analysts and experts,” the firm said Friday.

The report’s introduction, written by Pyramid’s Managing Director Daniel Amparán, has also reviewed the firm’s 2013 predictions and how they matched up to actual events.

Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) would serve as a key catalyst for increased demand for advanced analytics and Big Data in 2014, he said.

“More and more businesses are interested in using Big Data for purposes such as gaining insight into customers, but they often don’t have the needed internal resources, such as analytics and data science talent and technologies,” Amparán wrote .

AaaS enables businesses to exploit Big Data without having to commit to full data centre resources with high levels of compliance with industry security and governance standards.

Pyramid said it expected higher demand across the banking, retail and public sectors as a result of their consumer orientation and the role customisation plays in differentiating their services.

Regional cloud providers, such as Orange Business Services, Verizon Terremark, BT, Telstra Global and Level 3 as well as enterprise-focused telecom firms such as CenturyLink (formerly Savvis), Macquarie Telecom and Alestra were better positioned for this opportunity, according to Pyramid.

While companies like HP, IBM and Amazon AWS have already commercialised AaaS for some time, regional cloud providers and enterprise-focused telecom companies could effectively differentiate their services with network SLAs that assure that data compliance standards are achieved through their own next-generation networks and cloud infrastructures.

Accordingly, Pyramid said: “They will have a stronger proposition built around redundancy, latency, policy and security.”


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