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EU to return stolen money from Egypt and Tunisia

The European Union (EU) will facilitate the return of seized assets, including money, stolen by dignitaries of the former regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, to those African countries, PANA learnt from official sources here.

According to a press statement, the European Commission said it had authorized EU Member States to release frozen assets on the basis of the rulings made by the Tunisian and Egyptian judiciaries.

Under the dispensation, frozen assets belonging to dignitaries of the former Egyptian and Tunisian regimes will be released and returned to current authorities in both countries.

PANA recalls that the EU imposed sanctions on the “big shots” of the regimes of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia, freezing all their ill-gotten wealth.

According to the press statement, 48 such dignitaries in Tunisia and 19 in Egypt, accused of embezzling public funds, had their assets frozen in various European countries.


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