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Expats top 50 per cent in Bahrain

The number of expatriates has exceeded 50 per cent of the total population for the first time in Bahrain’s history.

‘Foreigners now represent more than half of the total population of Bahrain,’ Labour Minister and Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) chairman Dr Majeed Al Alawi said .

He was speaking as he addressed an orientation meeting at the LMRA headquarters in Sanabis. It was held in co-operation with the GCC labour and social affairs ministers’ executive council.

Dr Al Alawi warned against the effects of the new demographic trends on the stability of the labour market.

However, he defended Bahrain’s decision to approve foreign workers’ free movement in the local market.

The scheme, he said, has re-established the balance between development requirements and the urgent need to protect Bahrain’s identity.

‘We are facing the challenge of protecting our countries against the huge influx of foreigners without encroaching on their human and labour rights,’ he said.

He also stressed the need for the private sector to become attractive for nationals.


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