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Fraudsters prey on cash-strapped Kenyan manufacturers

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) said here M onday it was on high alert following revelations that fraudsters posing as City C ouncil of Nairobi (CCN) public health officers were defrauding its members of hu g e sums of money through bribery without giving details of the sums of money invo l ved.

KAM said in its latest bulletin that the alert was raised by the city authoritie s during a workshop on Health Inspection of Food Premises and Foods on Display i n Nairobi.

The workshop was addressed by the council’s Chief Public Health Officer, Maina M andu.

Mandu was quoted in this week’s bulletin as telling the businessmen “to be cauti ous and to ensure that all officers visiting their premises from CCN properly id e ntified themselves before being allowed to inspect the premises”.

Following the disclosures, the manufacturers said they would hold similar sensit isation workshops in major towns throughout the country to nail down the fraudst e rs.

However, KAM said their members had fallen prey to fraudsters as result of high inspection fee, which at Ksh600 (US$ 7.5) per person, they said, was too high.

The manufacturers complained that CCN inspectors “normally tend to intensify tow ards weekends, public holidays and festive seasons that open up doors for paymen t and solicitation of bribes”.

However, the KAM chairman, Mr. Vidal Shah, acknowledged that public health and s anitation were a major cause of concern to the business community.

“This is because industry and business sectors have in the past witnessed very f requent inspections where business owners are always found guilty,” Shah said.


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