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Frustrated businessmen ask for verdicts on corruption cases

Egypt’s new caretaker Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, on Sunday met a delegation of businessmen who asked the government to continue the support and endorse free market principles.

The delegation also asked the government for the quick deployment of security forces across the country, stressing that only this key factor could lead to fast production and required results at this unstable economic period.

The gathering also highlighted the need for better training of Egyptian workers and the importance on investing immediately in human resources development.

The businessmen, meanwhile, expressed their frustration at what they described as the slow pace of investigations regarding the trial of those accused of corruption, arguing that the seemingly endless corruption allegations are hurting the image of the entire business community at this sensitive time.

Tens of Egyptian businessmen and former top officials are on trial for corruption charges, having seen their assets frozen, while ousted President Hosni Mubarak himself and his family have been banned from traveling. Their assets have also been frozen by the country’s General Prosecutor.

Many argue that the judiciary must be given time, not only for the sake of the defendants’ innocence until proven guilty, but also, so that the world would be convinced the Egyptian justice system will not imprison anyone just because public opinion wants that.


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