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Gambia’s 4th GSM provider rolls out roaming service

Gambia’s fourth GSM (Global Service for Mobile Communica tions) provider, the Qcell, Thursday rolled out its roaming services which are a i med at providing customers with cheap, efficient and wide-reaching mibile phone e xperience.

Isatou Jallow, Coordinator of Qcell’s Roaming Services, said the new initiative was in addition to an already-existing cheap network in the country.

She said Qcell was the cheapest network with clarity and reliability of calls un matched by any other GSM operatorâ?s network in The Gambia.

â?This is true of the locally-made calls as well as international calls, and it â?s about to get even better,â? said Jallow.

Though only a few months old in the Gambia, Qcell has spared no effort to have a s many roaming arrangements as possible, covering the four corners of the globe,

to enable their customers to travel anywhere in the world and still be within ea s y reach.

Jallow indicated that the objective was to ensure that within six months of laun ching, QCell customers should enjoy roaming services in most countries of the wo r ld.

â?The more I think of Qcellâ?s objective to roam in every country in the world , the more I became nervous, but with the superb working spirit of QCell staff, I have the belief that we can do it, because we have always done the impossible,â ? she boasted.

She added that at Qcell, “We set the standards for others to follow.”

She noted that with the new Qcell Instant Roaming SIM, customers can travel far and wide, and wherever they might be in the world, they would be able to make a c all.


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