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Global Innovation Index 2022: Tunisia still losing ground in terms of innovation

Tunisia fell two places in the latest Global Innovation Index. The country is ranked 73rd out of 132 countries with a score of 27.9 against 30.7 in last year’s report. Tunisia ranks 4th in Africa and 7th in the Arab world.

The Global Innovation Index captures the performance of the innovation ecosystem of 132 countries by tracking the latest global trends in innovation. The assessment is based on 81 different indicators, including creativity, knowledge and technology.

The Global Innovation Index ranks Mauritius (45th) and South Africa (61st) as the first and second most innovative African economies. Ranking 67th overall, Morocco is third in Africa in terms of innovation. Tunisia follows in the Kingdom’s footsteps, slipping to 73rd place.

Botswana’s innovation performance (86th) ranks it fifth in Africa. Kenya (88th) is sixth on the continent and beats Egypt (89th). Ghana (95th) overtakes Namibia (96th) and Senegal (99th), which closes the African TOP 10.

The Tunisian performance remains frail compared to Arab countries. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is first in terms of innovation by occupying the 31st position in the global ranking.

Saudi Arabia (51st) follows and just overtakes Qatar (52nd). Morocco is 67th and the Kingdom of Bahrain ranks 72nd. Tunisia (73rd) is seventh among Arab countries in terms of innovation but still manages to surpass Jordan (78th), the Sultanate of Oman (79th) and Egypt (89th).

Europe is the continent home to the largest number of innovative economies. Seven European countries are present in the world TOP 10 of the innovation index. Switzerland tops the international list, while Sweden is third in the world.

The United Kingdom is fourth while the Netherlands is fifth. German innovation is ranked eighth in the world, followed by the Finnish and Danish.


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