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Hazem Yahyaoui sheds light on TRAPSA’s next major projects

TRAPSA has adopted a clear medium and long term vision with precise and prioritized objectives in time to project itself into the future in a proactive way to keep the chances to control its future.

Such a mission is likely to allow the company to improve its services and satisfy its customers as much as possible and therefore to face the market conditions and the instability of the sector in which it operates.

In an exclusive interview granted to Africanmanager [ar], Hazem Yahyaoui, CEO of the “société de transport par pipelines au sahara” (TRAPSA) said the company plays a very important role in the revitalization of the economy, specifying that its mission is the transport and storage of crude oil products through the operation of 24” pipelines, two pumping stations and an oil storage depot at Skhira with all related facilities.

He, in this context, indicated that the company also ensures the management and the exploitation of the oil port of Skhira as well as the maintenance and the security of the related port installations of Tankmed and the Tunisian Chemical Group (GCT).

Yahyaoui explained that the company, which is the cornerstone of the Tunisian economy, needs a series of innovative reforms to revitalize the country’s oil sector.

He added that two major strategic oil reserves will be established soon to deal with unpredictable crises such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Algeria, a strategic partner

On another front, Hazem Yahyaoui pointed out that TRAPSA is called upon to further develop fruitful cooperation and partnership relations with strategic companies in the oil sector.

He said a British investment group recently filed a request with the Ministry of Industry to reiterate its willingness to cooperate with Tunisian companies.

The official added that this kind of partnership with foreign companies is very important especially for increasing investment in the Skhira region and Saharan areas (…).

In the same vein, Yahyaoui reported that since his appointment as head of TRAPSA, he has conducted a series of consultations with the Algerian Hydrocarbons Company (Sonatrach) to ensure the resumption of the transport of Algerian crude oil, saying that Algeria remains a strategic partner for Tunisia.

It should be noted that the COVID 19 pandemic affected all sectors including the oil sector.

As the pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, persistent concerns about black gold storage capacity continue to drive down prices, even though producers are preparing to reduce production to stimulate markets.


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