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Libya: Tunisia wants authorities to bring down oil prices in Libya

Tunisia has formally asked Libya to bring down its price of oil to enable it buy the product, stating that the crude would also benefit approximately two million Libyans living in Tunisia, PANA  reported Wednesday, quoting local Libyan media.

“Extensive studies have recently shown that the presence of Libyans in Tunisia has many negative effects on our economy,” said the Tunisian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mongi Hamdi, who indicated, however, that “the Libyans are honorable guests and not refugees in Tunisia.

“And we are optimistic about the possibility of achieving a political solution in Libya soon, but in the meantime, we have asked the Libyan authorities to reduce the price of 30,000 barrels we buy  daily.

“It is not reasonable that we should buy at the market price and have Libyans come here to consume petrol subsidized by the Tunisian government.”

Tunisia imports oil and gas from Libya under an agreement signed between the two countries in 2013. Under the agreement, Libya supplies Tunisia with a quarter of its oil needs.

Tunisia spends US$ 400 million on the 650,000 barrels of oil it buys monthly from Libya.


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