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Nigerian bourse holds investors’ clinic

Worried by the prevailing low investor confidence in the market, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) is to hold its first investors’ clinic series 15 February in the commercial city of Lagos, the NSE said in a statement made available to PANA here Monday.

The clinic is being organized in collaboration with one of the leading global wealth management firms, Morgan Stanley, NSE said.

“The Investors’ Clinic will help in educating these investors about portfolio diversification principles and the risks and rewards associated with investing in the market.

”Their stockbrokers will also be exposed to ways of helping them restructure their portfolios to enable them make informed investment decisions,” it said.

The clinic will have in attendance top retail investors from Dealing Member firms across the country, who will share their investment experiences as well as learn from experts the strategies on how to properly structure their investment portfolios.

According to the exchange, it developed this initiative in recognition of the need to have a local retail investor base, with a good understanding of how to make sound investment decisions.

As part of a recent market segmentation exercise, the exchange had classified listed companies into large, mid and small cap categories and stocks under Income and Growth groupings.

The statement explained that if a company’s stock is classified under the Income Stock group, it means that over a five-year period, it has paid an average of thirty per cent or more of its earnings in dividends.

On the other hand, Growth Stocks would be ones that have paid less than thirty percent, similarly over a five-year period


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