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Passport Index 2022: Tunisia, world’s 40th most welcoming country

Tunisia is the 40th most welcoming country in the world in 2022, according to Passport Index. Travel to the country remains among the most open to citizens of the world. Tunisia is the sixth most welcoming country in the Middle East region (MENA).

Nevertheless, the African continent remains dominated by sub-Saharan countries with flexible travel policies. The ranking shows that low-income countries have the most liberal visa policies and are therefore the most welcoming.

While its citizens are subject to visa requirements for travel abroad in 145 countries, Iran is the most welcoming country in the MENA region. The country ranks 9th in the world in terms of ease of access to its territory for travelers.

Palestine is second in the region by ranking 19th through the low number of visas imposed on foreigners. Jordan (24th) is the third most welcoming country in the MENA region.

Egypt (30th) comes next, followed by Lebanon (36th).

Qatar (43rd) is the seventh most welcoming country in the MENA region, overtaking the United Arab Emirates (55th) and the Sultanate of Oman (56th).

Morocco (58th) closes the ranking of the ten most welcoming countries in the MENA region.

Tunisia is not among the African countries most open to foreign travelers since the sub-Saharan states dominate the world ranking.

The first world position is occupied by several countries including more than a dozen African states.

The African nations most open to foreign travelers are, among others, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia.

The second position includes several low-income African countries, such as Lesotho, but also high-income economies such as the Seychelles. Madagascar (3rd), Lesotho (5th), and Senegal (6th) are ranked third, fourth, and fifth, respectively, in Africa.

Mozambique (7th) is the sixth most open country to foreigners, with fewer restrictions on access to its territory than Kenya (10th) and Mauritius (12th). Tanzania (13th) is the tenth most welcoming African country.

On the other side of the spectrum, the least welcoming countries in the world that impose the most restrictions on foreign travelers are North Korea, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan, ranked 84th and last on the Passport Index.


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