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Promoting free access to legal resources through social media engagement!

Tweet: The African Innovation Foundation announces exciting launch of new Facebook and Twitter channels to support online outreach for its African Law Library program (Like & Share!)

The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) (http://www.africaninnovation.org) today announced the launch of two additional social media channels to support its growing stable of online community users for its flagship program, the African Law Library (ALL) (http://www.africanlawlib.net). Dubbed “Access to African legal resources for all” the e-library’s brand new Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/africanlawlibrary.net and Twitter handle is @AfricanLawLib. Check them out now, and be a part of our vibrant online community of practice on legal resources in Africa!

Africa is one of the fastest growing continents globally in terms of internet connectivity and usage, with more than 26.5% of Africans now having internet access (http://internetworldstats.com). Social media hook up is no exception, with 120 million Facebook users (http://ibtimes.com) and 22.752 million Twitter users (http://www.statista.com) in Africa. AIF’s social media activity has seen a rapid growth of more than 100% since its initial online presence in 2014, owing to a more proactive, diversified approach.

The Foundation’s Managing Director, Elodie de Warlincourt affirms the importance of targeted social media engagement to catalyse the innovation spirit in Africa: “We believe that fit-for-purpose communications is a pre-requisite for AIF to meet its goal of sustainable development and view Facebook and Twitter as a key conversation tools for promoting law and governance in Africa. Hot on the heels of the e-library launch, AIF will also engage new social media connections for its Social Impact Program for Angola (SIPA).”

Sophie Bussmann-Kemdjo, ALL Program Director believes that harnessing the power of an online presence is key to enhancing the presence and visibility of ALL across the continent: “We’re excited to hook up with Africans from all walks of life on a wider scale through our brand new Facebook wall and Twitter handle – and look forward to news updates from our community of users, hearing your voices, and sharing your views and perspectives through our live chats and discussions. Our strategy is to move beyond a broadcast model into an active engagement channel.”

With a growing database of over 100 000 legal texts, the ALL online platform http://www.africanlawlibrary.net remains the primary source for African legal information and information about the program. Check out our new Facebook and Twitter pages now, LIKE us, and become an active contributor in sharing and exchanging too! Our new social media pages will be updated with content from the ALL website and database, providing yet another avenue for those who wish to share timely information and experiences or ideas, whilst keeping connected to our events and initiatives.

Want to hear more about the African Law Library, peruse our database, or meet our dynamic team? Login to our updated website that has a lot more to offer, and join hands now with our growing online community at http://www.africanlawlibrary.net

For more information on the African Law Library, contact: Aulora Stally, Communications Manager Strehlgasse 4, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland E-mail: [email protected] Telephone: +41 79 834 9163 Find us on: The Internet: www.africaninnovation.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AfricanInnovationFoundation https://www.facebook.com/africanlawlibrary.net Twitter: @AfricanLawLib

About the AIF The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) (http://www.africaninnovation.org) works to increase the prosperity of Africans by catalysing the innovation spirit in Africa.

About the African Law Library The African Law Library (http://www.africanlawlib.net) is a flagship program of the AIF, an online portal that supports the AIF purpose by providing free-of-charge access to African legal resources (legislation, court decisions and legal writings) from Africa as well as international and regional institutions.


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