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RATP launches new tramway in Algeria

RATP group, one of the largest urban transport operators worldwide, has launched the new Oran tramway in Algeria which will cater to about 90,000 passengers per day.

The Oran tramway, which is operated by RATP Group, was officially inaugurated on May 1 by the Algerian Transport Minister Amar Tou in the presence of Abdelmalek Boudiaf, the Wali of Oran and Pierre Mongin, the chairman and chief executive of RATP Group.

Setram, a joint venture owned by RATP Dev (a subsidiary of RATP Group), Entreprise du Métro d’Alger (EMA) and Etablissement Public de Transport Urbain et Suburbain d’Alger (ETUSA) Line will provide operation and maintenance for ten years.

The Oran tramway is 18.7 km long and features 32 stops located in the largest boroughs of the greater Oran region. The service is scheduled to service about 90,000 passengers per day.

On the launch, Pierre Mongin said, “RATP Group, which already operates the metro and tramway service in Algiers, is delighted to participate alongside its Algerian partners in the development of a new, high-quality, public transport network in Algeria.”

“With this achievement the group strengthens its position as a world leader in tramway services and is deploying all its abilities in this very important project for the people of Oran,” he stated.

“It operates every day from 5am till 11pm and boasts the latest technological innovations to guarantee passenger comfort, safety and access. Trams feature air conditioning, video projectors and low flooring to facilitate access for disabled passengers,” explained Pierre Mongin.

Since November 2012 Setram has also been in charge of the entire preparatory phase prior to entry into service. 650 employees have been hired and have been trained locally by RATP Group experts in operating and maintaining the Oran tramway.

Setram is making full use of RATP Group’s expertise and has also developed operating procedures, devised a maintenance policy and completed the technical and dry run trials.

RATP Group will continue to develop operations in the country through Setram. Setram already operates the East tramway line in Algiers and will run the tramway in Constantine that is scheduled to enter service this summer, said Pierre Mongin

Other tramway projects in Algeria such as Sidi Bel Abbès, Ouargla and Mostaganem, for which work should soon commence are also under way. Setram is working with authorities to provide all the help required to complete these projects, he added.


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