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Recipients and donors review cooperation programme

Trade Ministers and representatives of the 16 African  countries benefiting from the programme, as well as Trade Ministers and representatives from the donor countries, and Senior Representatives of the three JITAP implementing agencies participated in the event, “JITAP : An effective Answer to Trade-Related Capacity Building on the Multilateral Trading System”. Also present were a number of invited Ministers from other African countries, as well as representatives of Regional Economic organizations.

JITAP aims to build capacities at the national level to assist partner counties in using trade as an engine of sustained growth and human development, to enable these countries to integrate effectively and beneficially into the Multilateral Trading System. JITAP is contributing to the setting up of a trade policy process that helps each country identify its trade interests in the framework of its overall development and poverty reduction strategy and, based on this identification, develop a specific trade strategy for policy formulation, negotiations, and implementation.
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