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Report: Benin’s HDI increased by 68% in 30 years

Benin’s human development index (HDI) increased by 68 per cent from 1980-2010, the world report on human development launched on Thursday in Cotonou for Francophone West and Central Africa said.

“Benin is part of the countries that have made notable progress for having recorded a 68 per cent increase of its HDI over the period 1980-2010 because of its strenuous efforts in education and health,’ the report said.

The Deputy Director of UNDP West and Central African Bureau, Mbaye Babacar Cissé, said Benin had a huge task to redistribute incomes, diversify the economy and allocate resources.

“A lot of efforts were made in the fields of health and education, but the country could do better,” he added.

Talking about women’s participation in public office, Mr. Cissé deplored the fact that women only represent only eight per cent of MPs although in the early 1990s efforts were made to improve women’s representation in decision-making bodies.

Mr. Cissé urged Benin to limit the impact of natural disasters such as the floods which affected the country in 2009-2010


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