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Respite coming for Nigerians hit by fuel scarcity

Nigerians facing hardship caused by the fuel scarcity that has hit major cities, including the commercial city of Lagos and the nation’s capital of Abuja, are expected to get some relief soon with the arrival in the country of 16 fuel-laden ships.

According to the local media Thursday, the ships are waiting to berth at the Lagos ports to discharge petroleum products, which will ease the scarcity.

The scarcity in Lagos and its environs in particular have been blamed on the vandalisation, by fuel thieves, of the pipeline being used to supply petroleum products to key depots around the commercial capital.

The pipeline was destroyed at a spot near Lagos, and three of the officials who were sent to repair it were killed by unknown gunmen.

PANA reports that Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, imports most of the fuel it requires for domestic consumption because its refineries are functioning far below capacity due to years of neglect.


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