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Saied chairs ceremony on 68th anniversary of National Army

President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Kais Saied chaired Monday in Carthage a ceremony to mark the 68th anniversary of the National Army.

The Head of the State saluted the flag as the national anthem was performed and reviewed a detachment of the three armies.

He then decorated promoted officers and non-commissioned officers with stripes and other personnel with military insignia in recognition of their efforts.

The President said in the Order of the Day there is need to provide necessary funds to develop the operational capacities of the armed forces, whether in connection to infrastructure or weaponry.

“Our soldiers are real hawks, watching out for the enemy and fighting fiercely and resolutely those who try to divide or harm us,” he further said.

Addressing officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, the Head of the State said “willingness to support the military will find expression in a strategic plan, whether within the framework of the finance law or other legislation. “

“Tunisia, which has never accepted the presence of foreign military bases on its soil, will never reconsider this choice.”

“We accept cooperation and sharing experiences and expertise, as it is customary among States, but this cooperation will only take place within the framework of national choices based on the interests of the Tunisian people,” he underlined.

“We will never accept that a single grain of sand or a single drop of water escape the total sovereignty of the Tunisian state,” he said. “We are all working to make sure Tunisia remains invincible against predators.”

“We want a Tunisia that is proud of itself and dignified in all events and under all skies”.

Kais Saied also paid tribute to the meomory of martyrs among military personnel and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded, paying a strong tribute to the brave soldiers who, despite their suffering, are determined to get back to work regardless of their injuries.

Tunisia will never forget its martyrs and wounded and will never leave them uncared for and supportless.

Fida foundation, he said, had already started working on extending help to victims of terrorism among military, internal security forces and customs personnel as well as rights holders of the martyrs and wounded of the Revolution.

The President highlighted the efforts made by the armed forces in all areas, especially in countering terrorism and illegal migration, tackling fires and forest fires and helping secure national exams and elections, in addition to their participation in UN peacekeeping missions.


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