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SA’s Shoprite shuns Zim deal

A South African retailer said Thursday it had pulled o ut of a deal to acquire a similar business in Zimbabwe because of ‘political uncertainty’ in in the neighbouring country.

Shoprite, one of South Africa’s biggest retailers, had placed a R167 million bid to acqiure the majority shareholding in OK Zimbabwe, the nation’s largest consumer retailer.

Brian Weyers, Shoprite’s executive director, said the deal had been called off b ecause of lingering ‘socio-economic and political uncertainty’ in Zimbabwe.

The southern African country is emerging from 10 years of economic crisis fueled by a violent tussle for political power between the opposition and the then government of President Robert Mugabe.

The political stalemate ended early this year with the formation of a coalition government, but there is rising tension in the joint administration, prompting worries among potential foreign investors.

“Due to the current socio-economic and political uncertainty in Zimbabwe, Shopri te has decided not to engage in further investment opportunities in that country,” Weyers said.


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