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Shell’s gas-to-liquid jet fuel finds new uses

The jet fuel from Pearl GTL, Shell’s gas to liquid (GTL) production plant, has received approval providing new and varied advantages for airports and airlines.

“GTL jet fuel is a blend of GTL kerosene and conventional oil-based kerosene. It is the first new commercial fuel available for civil aviation over the last two decades,” said Wael Sawan, managing director and chairman, Shell Qatar.

A joint project between Qatar Petroleum and Shell, Pearl GTL, located in Qatar is the world’s largest GTL plant.

Pearl GTL converts natural gas into liquid petroleum products. It produces naptha and transportation fuels as its primary products and has a production capacity of 140,000 barrels of GTL products each day.

The most important advantage of GTL is that it can be used in conventional diesel engines and produces low emissions of local pollutants, a statement said.

The first commercial shipment of GTL gasoil was sold in 2011. The GTL jet fuel produced at Pearl GTL is now being used in airplanes at Doha International Airport, the statement said.

New technologies and refining methods are being tested every now and then to cope up with the economy changes, regulatory standards and process optimization, it added.

The third annual Global Refining Technology Forum to be held in Doha from September 16 to 18 will gather global oil and gas professionals under one roof to discuss technological advancements in refining.

Rob Overtoom, technology manager, Qatar Shell GTL will be presenting on evolving gas-to-liquid technology at the conference. He will cover topics like GTL and its impact on global energy markets, current interest in GTL technology and recent advancements in GTL.

Topics that will be covered at the conference include, refining industry aligned with midstream gas processing industry and associated impacts, selection of heavy crude, hydrogen management technology and management and reuse of wastewater among others.


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