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Sixth building and public works show opens

Over 540 local and international enterprises specialisin g in the field of building and public works are participating in the 6th Interna t ional Building and Public Works show that was opened on Monday evening at the Tr i poli international fair by the Secretary of the Libyan general people’s committe e , Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi.

The Secretaries of the Libyan general people’s committees for industry, economy and trade, Mohamed Haweij and secretary for planning and finance Abdelhafidh Zli t ni, several senior Libyan officials and the heads and members of the diplomatic c orps accredited to Libya were present at the inauguration of this economic and i n dustrial event.

In a speech Haweij said all the services of his department were working towards putting in place an ambitious programme aimed at producing raw materials the cou n try was highly endowed with, adding that the show would help create job opportun i ties for young graduates through investment in small and medium-size projects.

The Libyan official, who said the event would help youngsters to be informed abo ut the products of other companies and establish enterprises and investment comp a nies in all fields, pointed out that this edition represented a model for the co n solidation of knowledge and technology transfer, to promote industry.

The Secretary of the Libyan general people’s committee, Dr Baghdadi Mahmoudi, an nounced at a news briefing held alongside the international building and public w orks show intended for Libyan and foreign investors that Libya planned to execut e several programmes relative to the creation of industries of building products.

He added that in this respect the Libyan people’s committee promulgated several laws concerning the development of the Libyan industry which had made building p r oducts benefit from tax-and-duty exemptions and made it possible to promote inve s tment in the field of land.

Dr Baghdadi added that privileges were granted, namely free plots, in exchange f or the building of houses and other buildings.

He recalled that Libya recently established a fund with a capital of 20 billion Libyan dinars (1.300 Libyan dinars = 1 US dollar) intended for investors in the f ield of land and building products, and stated that these provisions marked the b eginning of the programme that will soon be launched, through this fund chaired b y the governor of the Central Bank of Libya.

The Libyan official said this show, which represented a prototype for information sharing and investment incentive, proved the stability of legislations in the country and constituted an instrument geared towards helping investors to develop their activities.

The massive participation of Libyans who represent the majority in this 6th show testifies to their trust in the legislations into force, in their market and in the measures and initiatives aimed at executing development projects in their country, he said.

Organised under the supervision of the Libyan General Board for Fairs, in collaboration with the Libyan Investment Development Company, this show also concerns air-conditioning, equipment and lifts.

Waste water disposal and reprocessing systems, different types of doors and windows, as well as the other products used in the building sector, feature among the exhibited products.


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