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South Africa: ‘Only 20% of SA’s top management positions occupied by blacks’

A damning new report has revealed that less than 20% of South Africa’s top management positions are occupied by black Africans.

The Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) report finds that two decades after the collapse of apartheid, there is a “staggered and inconsistent” pattern in the promotion of designated groups to top management.

It reveals that whites dominated top management positions at 62%, while blacks constituted 19%, Indians 8%, coloureds 5% and foreign nationals accounted for 4%.

In terms of gender, 79.4 percent of top management posts were held by men. Only 1.5 percent of these positions were held by people with disabilities.

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant, who released the findings on Wednesday, said 20 years of democracy had not been enough to fully address the legacy of apartheid and the pace of transformation in society and labour remained very slow.

She said the findings indicate that a great deal still needs to be done to improve employment equity.

“There is still a long road ahead in moving South Africa forward. Let us join our hands together… To make sure South Africa is a non-racial, non-sexist country, a prosperous country,” she said.


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