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Strawberry production in Nabeul estimated at 23,000 tonnes

The strawberry harvest in the governorate of Nabeul, which accounts nearly for 90% of the domestic production, has reached a progress rate of 3%.

According to estimates of the local agricultural development authority (CRDA) in Nabeul, strawberry production will reach this year 20,000 tonnes in the region where 600 hectares are grown.

In a statement to TAP, local delegate for agricultural development in Nabeul Hamza Bahri recalled that 60% of the quantities of strawberries harvested are produced in the delegation of Korba.

The same source added that the quantities produced this season will cover the needs of the local market.

The sector occupies a place of choice in the region of Cap Bon where it provides nearly 200,000 days of work, he stressed.


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