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Tunisia: 2 out of 100 Tunisians use Islamic financial services (Gallup)

The use of financial services compliant with Islamic law remains quite low, even in high banking countries. This was concluded by a survey by the American Institute Gallup on Islamic finance in four countries of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt) and one in the Middle East, Yemen.

The results show a low use of financial products throughout the region. Consumption does not exceed 2% in Tunisia, 3% in Algeria and Egypt and 1% in Morocco and Yemen.

However, the survey found that about half (45%) of 1,000 adults over 15 years interviewed declare having a certain preference for the services of Islamic finance , even though they would be more expensive than conventional banks (27%).

This preference is expressed by 49% of respondents in Algeria, against 54% in Morocco, 37% in Yemen and 31% in Tunisia.


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