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Tunisia: 400 professionals expected in 4th Euro-Mediterranean Forum

The 4th Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Private Equity will be held on 30 and 31 May 2013 in Tunis. It will bring together 400 professionals and partners of Capital Investment and Financing SMEs in countries bordering the Mediterranean.

According to organizers, the Forum, which is held on the theme of “Growth and Employment: Recovery” focuses on the topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, regional funds, infrastructure and priming development capital.

Participants will share their experiences in this field in order to sustain the momentum of investment in the Euromed region, especially on the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

“After the Arab Spring, this forum, completely apolitical, will help revive trade between countries bordering the Mediterranean, without which there can be no economic growth and job creation.

Closed economies may not be like declining economies,” said Dominique Nouvellet, president of Euromed Capital Forum.

“The equity financing for SMEs on both shores of the Mediterranean is a major issue for the economic development of these regions and for job creation.

The choice of Tunis as venue for the Forum has become symbolic after the revolutions that have changed the situation in many countries of the southern shore, “he added.

The Forum has several goals: bringing together various actors of SME financing and sharing their experiences, creating professional bridges across the Euro-Mediterranean region, promoting the growth of private sector job creation by contributing to Development of Private Equity in the Euromed region, accompanying the program of privatization of public enterprises, and thus contribute to the development of financial markets in countries concerned.

the main topics to be discussed during the forum: the situation of the Capital Investment in the Mediterranean countries, the factors of attractiveness of the Euromed region, particularly the countries of the southern Mediterranean, the equity financing and the role of the shareholder, but also evolution in the taxation of investment funds and new regulations and innovation which is a catalyst to create value and future jobs, regional collective needs and infrastructure.

The Forum will discuss in particular the microcredit and micro insurance, the creation of innovative companies, etc…

The 4th Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Private Equity has two complementary components: a “professional” component, allowing specialists in the field and their shareholders to exchange their experiences, results and significant development potential of the area in both the north and South. And a “networking” component to allow entrepreneurs and fund managers to meet and get to know not only the European, American and Asian investors, but also Middle Eastern ones, as well as SME managers present to examine all opportunities for cooperation .


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