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Tunisia: ATB sees 14% decline in NBI to 110 million dinars in H1

Customer loans (net of reserves and reserved agios) of the Arab Tunisian Bank (ATB) reached 4.106 billion dinars in the first half of the year, against 4.101 billion as of June 30, 2018.

Customer deposits reached 4.73 billion dinars, against 4.18 billion dinars a year earlier, i.e. an increase of 557 million dinars.

This increase is partly explained by the evolution of the volume of forward deposits, which amounted to 1.95 billion dinars against 1.47 billion at the end of June 2018 and by the growth in savings accounts of 4.35% and whose balance was 1 billion dinars on 30/06/2019.

Banking operating income increased by 4.69% to 272.5 million dinars at 30/06/2019, against 260.3 million at 30/06/2018.

As for banking operating expenses, they reached 162.5 million dinars, against 131.3 million a year earlier, up 31.2 million.

Indeed, the net banking income (NBI) hit 110 million dinars in the first half, against 128.9 million for the same period 2018, down 14.7%.

The operating expenses of the bank reached 84.2 million dinars at the end of June 2019, compared to 75.6 million at the end of June 2018.


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