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Tunisia: average business climate index in Tunisia not beyond 3.2/10 (IACE)

The average business climate index in Tunisia does not exceed 3.2/10, according to the 2018 Report on Regional Attractiveness whose findings were revealed on Thursday by the Arab Institute of Business Managers (IACE).

As regards regional attractiveness in the country’s different governorates, the Tunis region is in the lead with a score described as “moderately satisfying” (5.10/10), followed by Sfax (4.50/10), Sousse (4.39/10) and Ben Arous (3.98/10).

However, the Kebili governorate is at the bottom of the list with 1.7/10.

This index “is not at all satisfactory,” IACE President Taieb Bayahi said at a press conference held on the occasion.

According to him, “it is like talking about a classroom including 24 students, in which the top student barely has the average, whilst the last ones have catastrophic results.”

This index measures the regions’ capacities for a given period to offer the investors the conditions attracting them to set up, delocalize, or launch projects, Bayahi pointed out, specifying that the 2018 report had been based on 9 pillars instead of 5 (as for the past 3 editions 2015-2016-2017) and on 95 variables instead of 91, so as to meet at the maximum the criteria adopted in the achievement of the Doing Business report.

The pillars are institutions and governance, infrastructure and urbanization, health, education and competences, ICT adoption, financial inclusion, labor market, business dynamism and innovation.


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