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Tunisia: ”Bizerte Cement” production up 50 % from early 2014

The company “Bizerte Cement” (SCB) will increase its production by 50% in early 2014 to reach 1.5 million tons of binder per year, according to estimates by the company’s management.

This increase coincides with the entry into operation of the new production unit.

This new unit, whose construction began in September 2011 with a cost of 141 million dinars, will extend the life of the company 35 years, according to the technical management of Bizerte Cement.

This project was initiated as part of an upgrading program of the company to ensure compliance with international environmental standards.

This program was initiated by the management of SCB in 2009 with the opening of its capital and the issuance of 20 % of its shares at the stock market.

CBS plays an important role in the regulation of the cement market in addition to its social role. 570 employees of whom 250 were recruited after the revolution work there.


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