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Tunisia: citrus exports down 46.3% (ONAGRI)

Exports of citrus fell 46.3%, from October 1, 2021 to January 20, 2022, to 2,375 tons against 4,424 tons during the same period last season, according to data released by the National Observatory of Agriculture (ONAGRI) Thursday.

In terms of value, exports dropped 38.4%. They amounted to 6.4 million dinars against 10.4 million dinars during the same period last season.

According to statistics from the Interprofessional Fruit Group, exports of Maltese orange posted a 58.3% decline, compared to last season.

France remains the main importer of this fruit, with 1,618 tons imported in 2022, against 2,899 tons in 2021, down 44%.

The French market has purchased 68% of Tunisian citrus exports. Libya is the second importer of citrus fruit, including orange Thomson, with a rate of 28% of all exports.


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