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Tunisia-Covid-19 : The sexist mesure that causes an uproar

Mothers whose children are under 15 are subjected to the general lockdown, reads a government decree recently published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia (JORT) related to the targeted lockdown measures expected to be implemented from Monday, May 4.

The decree provides that people affected by general lockdown during the targeted deconfinement are also people over 65, pregnant women as well as those with diabetes and those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, heart problems, kidney failures and cancer diseases.

Commenting on this decision of the Tunisian government, the French newspaper « Ouest France » headlined "Tunisia: no deconfinement for mothers, the sexist measure causes an uproar. « This outrageous exception reflects the macho and patriarchal vision of gender roles and social attributes that make women responsible for children, many associations for the defense of women's rights lamented on Sunday”, said the newspaper


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